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Since 1998 we have been breeding, raising and showing many Norfolk and Norwich terriers Peter and I have established ourselves as conscientious, reputable breeders and serious, respected exhibitors in the US and Canada. We continue to be actively involved in all facets of both breeds.

We are members in good standing with The Norfolk Terrier Club of Canada, the Norfolk terrier Club of America, the American Norfolk terrier Association (ANTA), the Norwich terrier Club of America and the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

 I was President of the Norfolk terrier Club of Canada for 11 years and continue to be  Editor of the Norfolk Natter quarterly newsletter. I also  take responsibility for rescue for both breeds.

All of our dogs live in our home as our treasured house pets. We are dedicated dog lovers and conscientious breeders who strive for the betterment of the Norfolk and Norwich breeds, both as show and companion dogs .



We had always been a 'big dog' family. Our first encounter with a Norfolk terrier was during our initial dog show experience. We went in search of the perfect companion to fill the void after our 17 year old, very large, rescue dog passed on and our sons went off to college. My love of scruffy teddy bears and the continuing need to nurture drew me to these loveable, playful, fuzzy-faced clowns. My husband Peter's need to find a 'real' dog that a man would not be embarrassed to walk was also fulfilled by these sturdy, feisty, hardy little terriers - truly big dogs in a small package! We were both smitten at first sight, never imagining they could have won us over so completely or that these little dogs would become our passion and take over our lives!


We met Cracker at our first dog show in 1998 and she was our introduction to the world of Norfolk terriers. It was love at first sight - we were totally smitten by this little red squirmy bundle of love. We will be forever grateful to Clive and Mary Davies for allowing Cracker to come with us as a foster and through their guidance and support we not only acquired a most wonderfully affectionate and fun-loving companion but we discovered a new passion, the show ring. We continued to show Cracker ourselves and, despite our total inexperience and her unco-operative ears we got her Canadian championship  - we were hooked! We also found out how intelligent Norfolk were when she got the first place trophy on graduation night at Obedience class. After we moved to the country we soon discovered Cracker was also an avid hunter. She loved nothing more than the flat racing, luring coursing and earthdog activities we experienced when we joined the American Norfolk terrier Association (ANTA) Club and attended their events. She also became a therapy dog for my elderly parents. Cracker was truly an all round little Norfolk terrier.

Through our efforts and success in the showring in the US we met Abbedale's Joan Eckert, who provided us with quality Norfolk and Norwich puppies that became the foundation of our breeding programme. She generously offered invaluable mentorship in both breeds. We learned the importance of improving and enhancing the breeds in health and temperament as well as conformation. Through her encouragement we joined the American Norfolk and Norwich breed club, which provided us with invaluable education and introduced us to many longtime breeders.


Wayne Palmer and Tony Gabrielli sold us with our first premier Norfolk stud dog, Oliver. He was literally taken off the couch or the bed to occasionally strut his stuff in the show ring. All you had to say was 'Let's go to the Dog Show, Oliver!' and he leapt into the passenger seat with a single bound! Oliver, as with most of our dogs, was lovingly owner-handled to his Canadian Championship. Oliver is only the second Norfolk in Canadian history to win a Best in Show, and he won two.  This handsome boy was successfully shown in the US and Canada by Jody Paquette and had many Group placements in 2001, 2002 and 2003. Oliver was a multi Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show winner and was the top Norfolk Terrier in Canada for three years in a row!! His progeny lives on in our current breeding programme. Our first home-bred girl, Tessa, daughter of Ch Duke of Copperplate, was the first Norfolk to win Best Puppy in Show in Canada. She went on to receive her US and Canadian championship and produce many more Dralion champions. The great grandchildren and great great grandchildren of our foundation dogs continue to be successful in the showring and as treasured companions.

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